Yoshila (Sukia Pattia II)

Yoshila is no stranger to hardships. One of the park's most secretive tigers, she's content to stalk Bandhavgarth's swamps alone.

This young tigress welcomed her first litter of three cubs in 2010. But tragedy struck during the monsoon season and she lost one soon after – a crushing blow for the proud mother.  In the space of a month in April and May 2012 she lost her other two cubs, both to large males. A new litter was born in late November 2012.

Follow her progress now. Can her next litter be assured of reaching adulthood?

Age: 13 years old (adult)
Name Meaning: 'Lady' in Hindi
Code: C5
First seen: December 2006
Gender: Female
Notable marks:

Born in the early summer of 2006 to mother Chameli’s second litter, Yoshila grew up alongside brother C3 and sister C4 in the Sukia Pattia area of the park, then a little visited part of the reserve. Their father, Shaki was the dominant male in the area, keeping them safe from harm.

Little is known of Yoshila's younger years and very little was seen of the cubs. However, Yoshila reappeared in her old stamping ground – her mother's territory – several years after she was first spotted. Her first litter of three followed close behind her.

At the start of this season one cub went missing and we presumed he had died during the monsoon. Yoshila fiercely protected her two remaining cubs, sticking closely to their sides as they matured. However, on the 12th of March, 2012, Yoshila experienced the loss of yet another cub when her son Y2 was killed by the Jobhi male-a powerful tiger looking to expand his territory. Tragically she then lost her last cub, soon afterwards on the 12th May, when he was discovered dead, again over a meal, and it is beleived that Blue eyes was the killer. A very sad ending to her first family. Yoshila has now lost all three of her cubs.

On the 30th November 2012 she was seen, heavy with milk, beside the Sukia Patia waterhole. Her second litter has arrived.

These life stories have been brought to you by Kay and Satyendra Tiwari, and involved twenty five years of passion, note taking and intelligence while living on the borders of Bandhavgarh Reserve. Read their blogs and diaries here.

02 Jun 2013 Tiger diary almost 6 years ago

Elusive Yoshila reveals her family by Kay Tiwari

The elusive Yoshila showed her face yesterday, offering a rare glimpse of two of her growing youngsters. Her cubs are approaching nine months of age but like their mother are...

Tiger: Yoshila

Reserve: Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh

Great diary.

tigerfan | almost 6 years ago

23 Jan 2013 Tiger diary over 6 years ago

Yoshila's challenge by Kay Tiwari

Yoshila, the star tigress of Magdhi, looks relaxed as she heads back towards the caves where her small cubs are hidden. She’s a large muscular tigress, a necessity today...

Tiger: Yoshila

Reserve: Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh

14 Jan 2013 Tiger diary over 6 years ago

A mother settles into her daily routine - but danger is never far away by Kay Tiwari

Yoshila is keeping her new young family of three tiny cubs well hidden. At about eight weeks old now they will be finding their feet, and adventuring out of their den to...

Tiger: Yoshila

Reserve: Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh

10 Dec 2012 Tiger diary over 6 years ago

Yoshila's One, Two, Three. by Kay Tiwari

Yoshila was too slow sherherding her new brood across the track yesterday, and thus revealed the number of tiny paws in her latest litter.  Three cute, wobbly legged, bab...

Tiger: Yoshila

Reserve: Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh

Wow...Great news...Hope this time the cubs have opportunity to grow

imtiazkhank | over 6 years ago

12 May 2012 Tiger diary about 7 years ago

Tragedy once more for Yoshila : The Full Story by Kay Tiwari

Sukki Pattia in the Magdhi zone is shrouded in silence.   200 meters from the dirt road, hidden amongst bamboo, lies the body of a youngster, who only a few days before w...

Tiger: Yoshila

Reserve: Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh

Poor Yoshila. And How sad for this to happen near Mothers Day.

Aishwarya | about 7 years ago

So sad - I saw the posting on Fb the other and came here to find the story! I hope you find her and that she is ok. thanks

JCDowney | about 7 years ago

this is really sad!!! i am sure Yoshila is traumatized...but at the same time i am sure she will recover and we will have more cubs soon...

pranad | about 7 years ago

Sad enid to a promising future

shivangmehta | about 7 years ago

09 May 2012 Tiger diary about 7 years ago

A teenage on the loose by Kay Tiwari

The stifling afternoon heat means little moves in the forest until the sun sink below the trees, bringing blessed relief to all who live here. Some villagers speak of rain, b...

Tiger: Yoshila

Reserve: Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh


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30 Mar 2017 Photo was added about 2 years ago


Yohila is a beauty of a tigress just like her daughter Xena. She is clever too as one hardly gets chance to see her cubs!

Mini_kay-_portrait Uploaded by Kay Tiwari  

Zone 2 Magdhi

KayTiwari | about 2 years ago

which zone

jay99418 | about 2 years ago

24 Aug 2016 Photo was added almost 3 years ago


Yoshila at Sukki Pool. Her cubs are nowhere to be seen these days and said to be living near the park periphery out of bounds to tourism.

Mini_kay-_portrait Uploaded by Kay Tiwari  

19 Feb 2016 Photo was added over 3 years ago


Yoshila has been seen in the presence of the New Male for a few days now. She is not happy he is in the territory at all and her cubs are well out of sight.

Mini_kay-_portrait Uploaded by Kay Tiwari  

Who is this New Male, and how old are her cubs now? Are they still with her?

StarBurst | almost 3 years ago

Last thursday/friday..

imtiazkhank | over 3 years ago

Interesting news, when was this Imtiaz?

KayTiwari | over 3 years ago

Earlier Tala, now Magadhi faces the issues of too many males...Heard Yoshila's earlier cubs (Dotty) was sighted with young cubs...

imtiazkhank | over 3 years ago

28 Jan 2016 Photo was added over 3 years ago


Yoshila recently. She was growling and moaning trying to avoid tourism and elephant trackers. She is battling the attendance of several male tigers in her space due to the fact that 3 young tigresses her daughters and one of Jaya"s has settled next door. She is hiding the cubs from their presence and looks thinner than I have ever seen her in the bid to feed a family and satisfy the males too.With it recently raining prey is scattered again!

Mini_kay-_portrait Uploaded by Kay Tiwari  

30 Dec 2015 Photo was added over 3 years ago


Sukhia Patiha female cub at Mukunda, Magdhi.

Mini_dscn2327-s Uploaded by Anindya Sengupta  

17 Dec 2015 Photo was added over 3 years ago


One of the Sukki cubs boldly walked down the fireline this morning

Mini_kay-_portrait Uploaded by Kay Tiwari  

Hi Kay Mam.. whats the status of bandhavgarh sighting in this season? Are Sukhi Pattiya cubs still together? whats the sighting so far in newly created buffer zones?

manishkhare | over 3 years ago

A beautiful cub with a bold stare..

christina.little | over 3 years ago

26 Jun 2015 Photo was added almost 4 years ago


Spotted her early morning while she was going to a nearby water hole. There were some 10 jeeps in the area and which forced her to take a longer route. She crossed the road before disappearing again into the forest but not before turning her head and growling at all the people.

Mini_user_default Uploaded by pranjita  

Hi Kay!. has yoshila been spotted this season? How have the sightings been in general?

Sriram | over 3 years ago

And the crowd is always unruly in Magdhi because so few drivers or guides ever follow their routes and get way too close to the tigers at times, plus the cheaters remove barriers and drive on close roads. Its like Tala was before the crowd ruined it and strict control occurred. No doubt the same will happen in Magdhi too one day!

KayTiwari | almost 4 years ago

For Indians certainly but not foreigners its why so few can afford to come now. Biggest problem is that the lodges, drivers and guides dont teach the tourists that its not a safari park and leisure day out its a wildlife experience in favour of wildlife conservation, not for fun and selfies and rushing around!

KayTiwari | almost 4 years ago

maybe its time they hiked the safari prices even more.. may be the only way to stop people entering tiger reserves for passing time!...what a beautiful tigress she is

Sriram | almost 4 years ago

really unruly crowd

tadobatigerlover | almost 4 years ago

This tigress hates a crowd!

KayTiwari | almost 4 years ago

01 Jun 2015 Photo was added almost 4 years ago


A female cub from Yoshila's latest litter comes down a bank near the Sukhi Patiha dam for a drink. The family had been feasting on a Sambhar kill, the mother had made the previous day.

Mini_10906282_10155100859850637_3134710016448513454_n Uploaded by Shashanka  

26 May 2015 Photo was added almost 4 years ago


Motherhood: All love begins and ends there. She is one capable mother and hope nothing happens to her or the cubs during the monsoon break! Happy mothers day to all the lovely moms!

Mini_img_1137 Uploaded by Siddhartha Ganesh  

14 May 2015 Photo was added about 4 years ago


The female sub-adult from Sukhi Patiha female's previous litter. Taken at Umarha in Magdhi.

Mini_user_default Uploaded by Sriskandh Subramanian  

Really nice shot. Why can't I follow you?

sid22580 | about 4 years ago

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