Malika (Katizari)

Queen is her name. Queen is her very nature, lording it over both her own sister and now her mother too. Her family are made to feel much like two ladies- in-waiting as she struts around her kingdom, with regal bearing. She very much owns her territory and ensures everyone knows she is the tigress in charge.  Seen flirt with her boyfriend Amitabh (M6) last season.  

Age: 11 years old (adult)
Name Meaning: 'Empress' in Hindi
Code: V5 (Ta)
First seen: February 2009
Gender: Female
Notable marks: Triple spirals on her left flank

Born in 2008, Queen was brought up under the spotlight in a prime area of the Tadoba range. She was lucky enough to be part of family of four siblings, a sister Sonia and two brothers (V7 & V8) and she learnt her present love of chasing wild bison, or gaur at an early age, as her home had plentiful opportunity to do this.

Her mother taught her a love of tree climbing as well as giving her the confidence to survive in a harsh and unforgiving world.

She has been seen at the end of last season flirting with Amitabh (M6), the new male on the block and possibly the father to her first litter.

She had her first litter of three cubs in December 2011. Cubs are now a year old and are seen quite frequently.

These life stories have been brought to you thanks to the records, diaries and photographs of Aditya Dhanwatay over the last ten years. They have been written and edited by Julian Matthews.  Should you have any photos or information to add to (or subtract) from these records them please help us by emailing the editorial team here


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12 Nov 2012 Photo was added over 6 years ago


Malika (with her three cubs) were captured in the grounds on Tiger Trails lodge, Tadoba, last week.

beauty :)

harsha | about 6 years ago

Is this a trap camera picture? It would certainly be exciting to put a few trap cameras in lodges that have visitors big and small.

KayTiwari | over 6 years ago

This is exciting Aditya. being comfortable to walk in broad daylight through your restored landscape. Look forward to having Tadoba's tigers up soonest.

julianmatthews | over 6 years ago

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