Ranthambhore, Rajasthan

Entering the vast bowl of Ranthambhore's National Park, it's difficult not to visualise tigers everywhere. The dense scrubby undergrowth, green for just a few weeks during the wet season, is the perfect backdrop fo...


Pench, Madhya Pradesh

The most striking thing that gets you as you enter Pench is the sheer number of spotted deer that live amongst the undulating landscape. From the main entrance at Turia gate small herds graze the red roads’ cut ver...


Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh

Standing on Vulture Point at the top of the Bandhavgrah Fort, a heady brew of raw nature and bloody history lies beneath you. Wildlife abounds from the steep crags that make up the many flat-topped Vindhyan Hill sa...


Tadoba Andhari, Maharashtra

Drive through the entrance gate at Mohurli and you are instantly into one of India last remnants of the great swathes of forests that lay west to east across central India. Its simple beauty of low forested hills, ...


Kanha, Madhya Pradesh

The Kanha meadows are what strike you most, soft golden grasslands, ringed by the indigenous emerald Sal forests, and grazed by small herds of pretty spotted deer, unconcerned about your appearance in their tranqui...

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