Our partners

We’re lucky enough to work with some of the leading lights in Indian conservation:

Tiger Watch

Tiger_watch The Anti-Poaching Information Network has been hugely successful at stopping poachers and traders in and around Ranthambhore. A dedicated team works with park officials to provide alternative opportunities for employment, education and support.

We’re providing our ID software to support Tiger Watch’s camera trap information, and funding to expand its intelligence operations.

More at www.tigerwatch.net

The Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI)

Wpsi WPSI is one of India's most respected wildlife charities, tackling wildlife crime for nearly 20 years. Using a powerful countrywide intelligence network, it provides support in combating poaching and the illegal wildlife trade.

Tiger Nation will be supporting their efforts and our Tiger database will be used to support intelligence in the field and help ID tigers and their skins when found.

More at www.wpsi-india.org

Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT)

Toft A charity that’s been pioneering responsible nature tourism since 2004. Advocating and supporting better practices, it undertakes PUG eco-audits across India, and funds projects and training to ensure long-term conservation efforts.

Tiger Nation only works with PUG Eco-rated Lodges, their naturalists and park guides to provide the images and updates it needs.

More at www.toftigers.org

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