We Believe

We believe the world is changing. Millions of people, just like you, are harnessing direct action via social media – using texts, emails, Twitter, Facebook, photos and video to make a positive difference to their lives and that of our planets. For the first time, Tiger Nation has bought the power of instant worldwide communication to the wild tiger arena, and we believe it can make a fundamental difference. Here’s why:


To ensure the ecological survival of the subcontinent

Over 1.2 billion people depend on the survival of our forests and natural ecosystems. They ensure clear air, water, food, soil fertility, stable weather, and a hundred other unseen, often unrecognised, benefits. These are worth billions of crores (hundreds of millions of dollars) a year that we don’t (yet) have to pay for.

Only 3% of Indian forests are effectively protected, and the truth is that we need at least 10% to ensure our ecological sustainability. Where tigers roam today are some of the only healthy ecosystems left. Yet India has over 200,000 sq km of denuded forests - or enough habitat for 10000 tigers. So tigers could become the drivers of real ecological restoration and renewal, with their power to inspire and galvanise creating millions of new jobs and generating both ecological and economic benefit. Makes sense, doesn’t it?


Tigers and their forests are worth far more alive than dead

It’s critical that we raise the enormous cultural, religious and, yes, monetary value of tigers and healthy habitats to politicians and those who make land use decisions. We also need to make conserving wildlife and habitats profitable to all, but especially to those living among to them. Only then will we see proper investment in their preservation and restoration.


A revolution in how we can all help conserve

The time is ripe for a ‘people-powered’ revolution in global conservation. Not closed and exclusive but open and inclusive of all. We want to harness this collective desire to experience an encounter with this iconic wild animal. It’s supported by foremost tiger experts, private wildlife operators, photographers, guides and naturalists, NGO’s and government agencies, who contribute and share their photos, experiences and knowledge, allowing us to compile an invaluable database on all things tiger. Using this dynamic tool we can involve you in compelling new ways to share, research, enjoy and understand them – in their glorious natural world.


We don’t adopt tigers. We follow them

We’re finding and tracking wild animals, through photography, camera traps and webcams (not by radio collars), so it’s eyes, ears and voices that are looking out for them. A traveller’s natural desire to see a wild tiger is a vital stimulus in their protection, and we believe that well planned, responsible nature tourism is an important weapon in looking out for them. See more about ensuring a responsible trip here .


A vision for sustained support

Tiger Nation operates proudly as a conservation-based business. We’ve raised private funds to build the team and the technology. There’s no bull, and no begging. No ‘pay-now-or-tigers-go-extinct’. Instead we’re working hard to build new funds for conservation, working with the best big and small companies, whilst aiming to plough back a healthy percentage into intelligence networks, conservation-orientated businesses and local community enterprises. See our blogs here


We’re a dedicated team with decades of hard-won (and worn) experience

Tiger Nation was not dreamt up by marketers or clever whizz kids: it’s the culmination of years of dedicated passion and hard-won experience in tigers, their conservation and in businesses that depend on their survival. Tiger Nation is born out of the realpolitiks, but isn’t a slave to it. We don’t believe in giving up – and we don’t believe it has to be like this. It’s a mother of a challenge but...

We’re not an island. There’s still a lot to do, and we need your help, feedback and support to keep the momentum going. Contact us to find out how you can help, or just tell us what you think – this is your Tiger Nation .

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