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TIGER FOOD - The Sambar Deer - Dishing up a tiger's favorite meals

TIGER FODDER - Meethil Momaya gets to grips over the next few weeks with a Tiger's prey

Meethil Momaya | over 2 years ago


Kali Tiger Reserve: Paving The Way Forward For Conservation

Stuti Pachisia pens a summary of conservation initiatives undertaken by the management of the Kali Tiger Reserve.

Tiger Nation | over 2 years ago


Dampa – Walking In A Tiger Forest

The best way to get to know a wild place is to walk the landscape. Nimesh Ved shares memorable moments from treks in Mizoram’s Dampa, one of India’s most fascinating, and fragile, tiger reserves.

Tiger Nation | over 2 years ago

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Fighting for the future of India's tiger

Perhaps the most worrying aspect of tiger conservation in India today is the number of tigers that are reportedly “found dead”. If you compare the figures from 2008 to 2011 – and WPSI has recorded details of every ...

Tiger Nation | over 7 years ago


A new generation of tigers in Bandhavgarh

The local Bandhavgarh tiger population is going through a period of change as the numbers are in a constant state of flux across territories.  A new generation of young tigers have made their presence known among t...

Tiger Nation | over 7 years ago


December sightings

Towards the end of December, Bandhavgarh Reserve became much busier as tourists flocked to the Tala and Magdhi Zones.  This season's sightings have been unpredictable as the tiger population has been in a constant ...

Tiger Nation | over 7 years ago

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Jaya's four progress to maturity

Jaya’s  four are now fully mature   As the New Year begins in Bandhavgarh it is interesting to note that Jaya is not yet delivered of a new family even though her four youngsters of the first litter are fu...

Kay Tiwari | over 4 years ago


A tiger cub lost – a male tiger found

Keladevi Sanctuary, the northern portion of the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve is not known for its ideal wildlife habitat, because although it makes up almost half of the reserve's official borders it is infact home t...

Julian Matthews | over 4 years ago


Vijaya's new family - Goodbye for now

Vijaya charmed everyone at the end of the season last week. She had made a small kill of a spotted deer in Chakradhara Meadow near several water sources but hidden amongst dense lush elephant grass, ideal cover for...

Kay Tiwari | almost 5 years ago

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