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TIGER FOOD - The Sambar Deer - Dishing up a tiger's favorite meals

TIGER FODDER - Meethil Momaya gets to grips over the next few weeks with a Tiger's prey

Meethil Momaya | over 2 years ago


Kali Tiger Reserve: Paving The Way Forward For Conservation

Stuti Pachisia pens a summary of conservation initiatives undertaken by the management of the Kali Tiger Reserve.

Tiger Nation | almost 3 years ago


Dampa – Walking In A Tiger Forest

The best way to get to know a wild place is to walk the landscape. Nimesh Ved shares memorable moments from treks in Mizoram’s Dampa, one of India’s most fascinating, and fragile, tiger reserves.

Tiger Nation | almost 3 years ago

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Ranthambhore - Tiger sightings this season - and in each zone- The best tiger sighting place in the world

The tourist area is divided into 10 safari zones. A majority of the park’s 175 registered guides are directly dependent on it for their livelihood.

Tiger Nation | about 2 years ago


Bandhavgarh's tiger sightings 2016/7

Magdhi offers the most tigers with Jaya and Xena and Crumb seen sometimes and Ondrila too. Plus resident Trya at Tadoba, Eesha/Dotty at Behra and Yoshila at Sukki Pattia and Dhabadhol

Tiger Nation | about 2 years ago


Tigers Outside Protected Areas In Chandrapur

Anish Andheria, President, Wildlife Conservation Trust, emphasises the importance of forested corridors and riparian tracts between existing national parks and sanctuaries for tiger movement.

Tiger Nation | over 2 years ago

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Crooked Tail regains his lost territory

Crooked tail has been around number 9 waterhole and on the main road of the Aswal hira forest. Is he back to regain his old homelands, for these were once his prime territory before Scarface turfed him out. Onc...

Kay Tiwari | over 5 years ago


A Rumble in the Jungle.

Two tigers can be heard fighting in Milchaini. Roars and growls emit from thick bamboo cover. A huge male runs across the road near Hardia from Sher Marg and vanishes into the forest. He moves so fast it is di...

Kay Tiwari | over 5 years ago


Is Rahasy back for good - in Vijaya's realm?

Spotted deer bark their alarm calls from the forest near the hidden waterhole of Ghiriaya. There’s is a cat about. The only felines that move in this area are Vijaya and the mystery male, or in Hindi, Rahasy. ...

Kay Tiwari | over 5 years ago

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