Jaya's four progress to maturity

Jaya’s  four are now fully mature


As the New Year begins in Bandhavgarh it is interesting to note that Jaya is not yet delivered of a new family even though her four youngsters of the first litter are fully mature at 32 months of age. Even her one boy Johnno is on the cusp of male maturity and no doubt will be searching for new female company other than his sisters pretty soon. He’s been seen a few times recently soaking up the afternoon winter sun, lounging on the sandy track as handsome boys do at his age. He has the look of his mother about him but in size he’s big like his father Shashi so let’s hope he survives the tough years ahead and fathers like his ancestors before him to continue the Sita lineage well into the future. For Johnno things will not be easy with other young males such as O1 in the area hemoves in let alone a new bigger stronger older male tracking all over Tala right now. These tigers are giving his father Shashi a lot of trouble and he’s suffering badly because of it, Johnno will need to steer well clear of such fighting if he wants to become dominant one day. We at Tiger Nation wish him all success in his life ahead.


As for Johnno’s three sisters, Trya, Murphy and Crumbie its time to seek out territory and a mate.These three sisters are certainly capable of becoming mothers pretty soon but they will need to settle into safe territory first. Till now both Murphy and Trya have been moving mainly in the Magdhi area around Tadoba Waterhole and into Kanoji and the closed area of Rajbehra. However recently Y5was seen in the area and is certainly pushing these slightly younger kids further away. All are mature but Y5 is a bigger stronger tigress and she seems pretty settled right now around the western section of her mother Yoshila’s territory and not likely to move out willingly. Females fight feicely for space so for the two Jaya girls it will be hard to stick around. Let’s hope they can huddle in somewhere safely but it’s going to be hard. As to Crumbie no one is sure where she’s gone as yet. It’s possible she’s the tigress moving into Chakradhara but this can’t be confirmed as yet. With so many youngsters around no-mans land for tourism between Tala and Magdhi we have to rely on snippets of information to put the puzzle together. Hopefully 2015 will bring good news regarding all of Jaya’s first family but I fear it may not? Let’s wish Johnno and his three sisters Murphy, Trya and Crumbie all the best for 2015 in their searches for a home of their own amongst the forested hills of Bandhavgarh.

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