Tadoba Update 2013 : Part 1 - The Tigers of the Tadoba range


Tadoba is the most populous tiger area with a total of eleven tigers that we can verify but also nine missing animals. I shoudl add that new restrictions on the size of the visitor zones make status verification increasingly difficult.

Females                                   Males

Malika                                       Scarface (also seen in Moharli)

Maya                                        Sher Kahn

Chaya                                       Amitabh

Chichghat                                 (total 3)




Bison Bandhara

(total 8)


Females                                   Males

Lata                                          Rago

Vasanti                                     Rambhir 

CG4                                          Hilltop

(total 3)                                     CG3




         (total 7)


Tiger profiles

SHER KHAN is an adult male in his prime who covers a huge territory including Pandharpauni, Tadoba Reservoir, Lake Kala, Aamba Road, Jamunbodi, Hilltop and Jamni Chowki.  He is a very active tiger too and was last seen threatening a pack of six wild dogs including two pups and mating with Chaya.  Sher Khan looks set to become the dominant tiger in Tadoba’s prime range and successfully defend it from other male tigers.

MAYA is a young fully independent tigress having left her late mother Nira last year. She is now a very good hunter and has been seen killing wild boar in Panchadhara near where she lives. She has been seen many times close to Tadoba’s old Forest Rest Houses which suggests that she is a very bold tigress.  She mated earlier in the year with Amitabh but there have been no cubs yet.

CHAYA is Maya’s sister and claimed her territory around Jamni village.  She was seen mating here with Sherkhan earlier in the year but was driven away by some villagers. Sightings of her are now irregular because she stays inside Rampur Nala around waterholes 97 and 98 which closed to visitors.  Whilst there are no reports of her being pregnant yet, she is in her prime and we hope to see cubs after the monsoon. There is talk of relocating Jamni village which will create a big area for tigers like Chaya.

AMITABH is a fully independent male who has successfully claimed his territory around the Vasant Bandhara, Ambat Hira, and Wagh Nala areas. He has also been seen in Panchdhara Nala and Dari below Tadoba mating with Maya. But this area is regularly patrolled by Sherkhan so Amitabh sensibly and quickly went back to his original territory after mating with Maya for 4 days.

LAXMI was the territorial tigress of Moharli range in 2010 and 2011 and the mother of four famous cubs Gauri, Imli, Rambhir and the late Curcuit. Laxmi moved to the Kolara area after she had the cubs to give more space to her adult daughter Madhuri, who had small cubs at that time. Laxmi was also seen mating with a unknown male tiger on the Kolara road in January 2012 and gave birth to cubs in that area. But there have been no confirmed reports of the number of cubs because the area is currently closed to visitors.

IMLI, one of Laxmi’s daughters, is now a mother of three cubs and lives in the area around the Chichghat Valley and Aambe Garh near Khutwanda Gate.  She has been reported to be in this area and with cubs too but there are no photographs to confirm this and the hilly terrain makes monitoring her difficult.

MALIKA was last seen in the area around Katezari in the summer of 2012. A member of the Forest Department believed that she had given birth to three cubs during the monsoon of 2012 and that they still live near Katezari waterhole, Ambathira and Aaswalhira area. But, Malaki has not been seen since then because that area is closed to visitors.

CHICHGHAT is named after the area in Tadoba range where she lives. It’s an extremely hilly forest region and inaccessible by vehicle. Last year she was seen with her two sub-adult cubs near Khatoda grassland which she has now left.  Although her current status is unconfirmed it is believed she is still living in the area and has another litter of cubs.

SONIA was last seen in area of Katezari in summer of 2012, but after that she was not seen in that area.  A member of the Forest Department believes that she now has cubs and lives near Aaswal Hira and the surrounding forest area. This too is closed to visitors at present so we cannot confirm either her status or the number of cubs.

BISON BANDHARA is named after the area where she was regularly seen.  She also frequented Kala Aamba waterhole with her single cub. After its death, however, she has not been seen regularly although her key areas are closed to visitors at present making it difficult to monitor her activity.  From the very rare sighting of her it is believed she now has cubs again.

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Look out for Tadoba's Moharli range update shortly.

Atul , indeed very helpful and informative updates , planning a trip in Oct-13 , looking fwd to see some of them.

vipinsharma | over 5 years ago

Thanks Atul. Very informative updates from the field for visitors and naturalists alike.

julianmatthews | over 5 years ago

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