Ranthambhore - Tiger sightings this season - and in each zone- The best tiger sighting place in the world

Ranthambhore National Park is named after the famous historic Ranthambhore fortress for bravery. It is well-known for its attractive natural beauty due to attention capturing views. These are the heart-touching sights and scenery of majestic fort of Ranthmabhore which are part and parcel of the National Park. It is situated at the junction of the Aravallis and the Vindhyas. It is a unique and attractive composition of natural and historical richness.

This sanctuary is a fragile ecological system where the Tiger shares with other carnivores as leopard and caracal. The Reserve lies at the edge of plateau and is bounded to the north by the Banas Riverand to the south by the Chambal River. The park has very nice lake systems that have healthy and strong population of Indian marsh crocodile and are favourite haunts of the tiger due to adequate prey. Ranthambhore National Park is known for its availability of Tigers and is one of the best places of glorious India. It provides us pleasure due to its natural beauty.

The tourist area is divided into 10 safari zones. A majority of the park’s 175 registered guides are directly dependent on it for their livelihood.

So, there are total 10 zones in Ranthambhore for safari purpose. In today’s time, we are lucky that we have tigers in each zone. The below list of distribution of tigers will give you an idea in which zone you can meet the particular tiger. The list is being made by observing the moments. However, some territorial overlapping cannot be ruled out, as our tigers do not read books & maps.

Zone 1: T-57( Singhsth), T-39( Noor)  with her 3 cubs.

Zone 2: T-39( Noor) with her 3 cubs, T-57 (Singhsth), T-60( Junior Indu) with her 3 cubs. Sub-adult- T-84 (Arrow-Head) and T-91( Alphonso).

Zone 3: T-28(Star Male), T-19 (Krishna), Sub-adult- T-84 (Arrow-Head), T-91( Alphonso) and T-87( Chirico), T-74( Teddy bear).

Zone 4: T-64( Akash), T-74( Teddy Bear)  T-25(Dollar Male), T-75( W-Male) T-19(Krishna), T-28(Star Male), T-41(Laila) with her one cub, Sub-adult- T-84 (Arrow-Head), T-91( Alphonso), T-87( Chirico) and T-83( Lighting).

Zone 5:  T-64( Akash), T-75( Teddy Bear),T-25(Dollar Male), T-19(Krishna), T-28(Star Male), T-41(Laila) with her one cub, T-73 with her 2 cubs. Sub-adult- T-87(Chirico) and T-83(Lighting).

Zone 6: T-8( Ladali)with her 2 cubs,T-34( Kumbha), T-58( Rocky Male), T-39( Noor) with her 3 cubs.

Zone 7: T-8( Ladali)with her 2 cubs,T-34( Kumbha), T-58( Rocky Male), T-61( Junior Ladali) and two sub adult tigers that are the first litter of T61.

Zone 8: T-34( Kumbha), T-58( Rocky Male), T-61( Junior Ladali) and two sub adult tigers that are the first litter of T-61.

Zone 9: T-42( Fateh) and T-13 .

Zone 10: T-43 and T-59.

In present time – Zone no. 2, 4, 5 and 6 are the first choice for every tourist because these zones have mother with her cute cubs. Such as zone no.6 aka Kundal area that has the smallest tiger cubs which were first spotted with her mother, T-8 on Feb, 28 2017. When they were about 3 to 4 months old. Zone no 2 has two mothers. One is great mother of the park, Noor ( T-39) who gave birth her 4th litter including  3 tiny cubs on 8 November, 2017. Now, these cubs should be 6 months old. The second mother is Junior Indu( T-60) who also has 3 cubs. Three cubs of T-60 should be one year old.  Zone no. 5 has also two mothers; one is quite young mother, T-73. She has two cubs near about 10/11 months old (t-73 cubs spotted by vipul jain on 15th june 2016) while another mature mother, Laila ( T-41) has one cub .

But we can’t avoid zone no 3.    It has been in demand since the park started. This is the most perfect habitat for Tigers. The three big lakes, Padam talav, Raj-bagh & Malik lake make this more beautiful from scenic point of view. Each tiger and tigress from reserve try occupies this particular area as its own territory.

Vipul Jain (Wildlife Trails, Ranthambhore)


Vipulji, thanks for the zone-wise list of tigers being sighted. Anyone planning to visit Ranthambore will surely find it handy. Any news of Sultan (T-72)?

bidhanpaul | over 2 years ago

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