Bandhavgarh's tiger sightings 2016/7



The main attractions in Tala are Jaya and her family and Xena/Spotty and her younger cubs. Jaya's three boys asre touching 2 years old this month. Early season they were little seen but since BBC left there have been plenty of sightings mainly in Tala but also in Magdhi edge. The female cub sadly died after straying from the park and being brought back to the Jhorjhora compound. During the night a male tiger killed her probably for the food the FD gave her! So now three boys are left and they have become real stars now though Jaya herself is seldom seen and perhaps preparting for her third litter of cubs. Sadly however her territrory has drastically shrank due to the presence of her daughter Crumb who is also due to deliver cubs her first litter. She is moving in Rajbehra and even into Sehra edge so Jaya has suffered huge losses of good territory. Crumb is seen on occassions though mainly these days in Magdhi sehra side. Summer should bring her to Rajbehra?

Xena/Spotty residing in Milchaini and Hardia on the edge of Magdhi to Sher Marg is regularly seen in Tala and especially as the tigress leaves her now 12month old cubs alone in cooler spots when out hunting. These cubs are now very inquisitive and playful and are offering fun sightings. Xena herself is a stunningly beautiful sand powerful tigress and reminds oldsters of Sita!

Wakeeta is seen on occassions in Banbehi and Ghorademon but her three cubs catch only glimpses! Her territory has most probably expanded towards Bara Gufa and Khriki after Tulsi sadly left. Closed roadsmeans she is hard to track and with a very disturbed area due to village interference she is hard to see. She still goes into the buffer also. The elephant camp area the heart of her mother Resmas territory is trashed and shocking to see due to major elephant damage. Sadly tourism rarely gets the chance to experince this tigress. 

            There is also a little tigressthat visits the Chakradhara meadow and surrounding hills but she resides mainly out of sight in closed areas. She has been discovered to be Ondrilas daughter and has a first litter of three cubs. Any one who sees her is very very lucky indeed but her pugs are seen on occassions. 

            The male in Tala is Chinkoo/Mangu but he does not stay in Tala. He visits and is gone moving through the edge of Magdhi back to his main abode. 

           The second male Rahasy has not been mentioned this season as yet though a year ago was trap cameraed in Khitauli Ranchcha.


Khitauli has three tigresses. Haimi, Sundari and Ondrila. This season all are spotted though Haimi spends a lot of time in the buffer and is seen there too. Sundari has just left her four now over two year old cubs two boys two girls that are still moving in the area. Sundari should deliver again soon? Ondrila too who crosses from Magdhi to Khtauli has left her now 2 and half year old family of three. 2 boys two girls. This family thats seen a lot in Magdhi or Khtauli and even on the main road at Thauni meadow. They are becoming a nusense so not sure what will happen. Khitauli male isTarun/Bheen he ahas been seen alot this season. He is fighting to keep territory with Teer T6 the now collared tiger here. He is dicey hence the collar the FD being abit concerned regarding their staff. So he is monitred. Hes going in Khitauli now. Both these males are pushing Johbi who spends most of his time with Ondrila though Tarun too was last seen mating with her at Mahaman and Somanshu too went into the area recently. 

Khitauli is still good for leopard, bear and nilgai sightings and smaller animals such as hare and mongoose. This season in October Ajutant stork nested there for first time and two chicks were raised to adulthood. Even Gaur are crossing over to Khitauli.


Magdhi offers the most tigers with Jaya and Xena and Crumb seen sometimes and Ondrila too. Plus resident Trya at Tadoba, Eesha/Dotty at Behra and Yoshila at Sukki Pattia and Dhabadhol. Early season 6 males were seen in Magdhi with Chinkoo, Jobhi, Tarun, Somanshu, Haroon, Haroons brother and T6 all spotted in tourism Magdhi.All come and go some into buffer, some crossing zones, some crossing closed areas. Haroon is seen centrally as is his brother and Somanshu on Tadoba pool. Yoshila has thjree cubs hard tomsee as she has lost territory to both her daughters Eesha and Xena. Eesha is duetogive cubs? Father of Yoshila's thought to be Haroons brother O2 but with so many males around its hard to say. Crumbs cubs should be fathered by Chinkoo. Trya has three cubs born in December father Somanshu, two girls one boy. They are now a good three months of age. This family moves inbuffer and closed areas and cross just one road so mainly seen on Tadoba pool. It can be crazy and tourism should be better behaved here!

Gaur numbers haveincreased a lot now gaur are seen across both Magdhi and Tala infrequently. Big bulls alone plus several small heards. Good leopard in Tala near gate and usual Jumunia and Sidh Baba areas plus others elsewhere. Deer numbers are low but good grassland management this season is improving rutting. Wild boar numbers seem to be improving. Jackal pups seen this season but no good sightings of wild dog. Few sloth bear sightings in Tala and Magdhi. Its unusually hot and dry early and could again be a difficult summer but good monsoon has replenished good water supplies. Python seen in Khitauli with kill. Things are certainly better but why the tigers sightings are in very few areas of the park which causes crowding?

Also all tigers eat cows and buffalo and Rajbehra boys are eating goats!  No news on Tulsi in buffer. Samrat Wakeetas boy was moved to Kulwah after coming into Tala and eating cows! Believe hes OK. Three orphaned Sanjay cubs being raised here. Two man killer male tigers in Magdhi compound expensive to feed on buffaloes!

Too many elephants and hardly working either so much damage, lots of male elephants very destructive.




The zones of Bandhavgarh and their sightings are extremely touching and atractive.

Rupawildlife | over 1 year ago

Johnno Trya's brother as a male and so to Trya and her sisters Crumb and Phee (known as Crumbie and Murphy here) Crumb is also known as Solo in FD handbook. Johnno and Phee moved into the Magdhi Buffer as sub adults.

KayTiwari | over 2 years ago

Madam Kay, thanks for the comprehensive write-up. Besides Somanshu & Samrat, are any other tigers identified as the descendants of Bamera?

bidhanpaul | over 2 years ago

Thank you so much Kay. Always a pleasure to hear news about the inhabitants of Bandhavgarh. Long live the Tigers to keep their jungles ....

christina.little | over 2 years ago

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