4 dominant males = trouble ahead?

Jobhi is one of the most elusive male tigers Bandhavgarh has ever known. He’s even shier than Shaki (Bhoka) was.  

He can’t be home grown.  He moves mainly at night or late evening and rarely leaves pug marks of his presence on the dirt tracks that meander through this magical forest and the golden grass meadows of Rajbehra and Sehra.

Yesterday however, he got caught out. He walked down the Bathan road out of Jhorjhora and crossed the edge of Rajbehra meadow itself.  Had he visited Jaya and her cubs before they were surprised by patrolling staff early this morning and headed off to the hills?

It is possible, now it has been confirmed, that Jobhi is moving over a considerable area of the park and that he could be Jaya’s mate and father of her cubs - not Shashi - who the elephant drivers – or mahavats - now say does not move into Sher Marg as he once did.

So it is Jobhi who is the Rajbehra male tiger who today was spotted from tracking elephant on the river in Dudra meadow under the Bagh Dalaka ridge not Sahat (theso called ‘Runner’) son of Durga, and sister to Jaya and Vijaya. The mahavats say he is often behind Bathan elephant camp and regularly present on the slopes that climb up towards the Magdhi plateau and Bagh Dalaka. Striding on through the forest he rarely showed more than his rear end though he did occasionally stop to sniff and scent mark on his way. This massive tiger looks fit and fat again today and here for the duration.

Bandhavgarh is getting crowded with large males. With both Blue Eyes and Shashi’s brother known to be moving in Magdhi and the Kulwah range, Shashi owns most of Tala and Jobhi sandwiched between the two zone.  Is there simply enough space for them all – and enough tigresses to keep them all happy?

I could not agree more. Give Tigers some of their space back

brooksy | about 6 years ago

The problem is not "too many tigers" but "too less space"...what needs to be done is that space for tigers needs to be increased.Corridors need to be protected.Villagers need to be given huge incentives to shift.

jyotilegha | about 6 years ago

Great update though worrying.

subrat | about 6 years ago

This is a rough situation. Perhaps a male could be transferred to Sariska? I believe there is a lack of male tigers there.

Aishwarya | about 6 years ago

Aah....very worrying situation...

tejas.raval | about 6 years ago

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